Seniors with Mortgage Payments

In my previous post I discussed the serious issue of the number of seniors in the United States who still have a mortgage on their home and may have difficulties paying for it.

If they are still employed, the may not be able to afford to retire because of their mortgage payment that they are obligated to pay each month.

Certainly a Reverse loan is the better option, since the homeowner is not required to make any payments and it will allow them to manage their retirement savings to last longer if they are  not drawing down on their funds.

Here is the second part of the article that summarizes a report that was published recently by HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research.

Written by Jason Oliva

“The implications of carrying housing debt into retirement years are severe. Not only may these homeowners have to postpone retirement or make difficult decisions regarding lifestyle spending on food, medical care and other expenses, but carrying debt also weakens their ability to draw on home equity to supplement their income as they age.

Refinancing options and reverse mortgages, HUD writes, may be appropriate for some older homeowners with mortgage debt, and financial counseling and assistance programs can provide help to those facing financial hardship.

“Older homeowners might draw on their home’s equity to fund modifications that allow them to age in place, help pay for their children’s or grandchildren’s education, or pay medical expenses—and as long as they have the resources to make loan payments, they can reasonably carry mortgage debt,” HUD writes.”

I will share the reminder of the article in my next Post.

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