Investment Scams

In a previous post, I discussed that we had a guest speaker from the CA Dept. of Corporations attend our Ventura County Adult Abuse Prevention Council (Whew! I know that’s a long name), breakfast and talk about various scams.

I shared some information on “affinity marketing” and how it was used against my own aunt, who fell victim to an investment scheme, along with all of their senior friends.   And yes, they all lost their money.

Tomorrow I will continue to share this information on other scams and continue to post something on each type over the course of the next couple of weeks.  And believe me, there are too many too mention.

So for tomorrow?  Maybe the “Free” Meals, Living Trusts and other seminars?   This would also include my own profession, Reverse mortgages.   My own industry has a group of individuals who aren’t professionals, pushy and dubious in their credentials and experience.

But it’s all about honesty and truly caring about the well being of your client.   Not about making  a sale.

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