Veterans’ Health Fair

Last Saturday the 23rd, I participated in an event that was offered by the County of Ventura and the Veterans Adminstration for the third year in a row.   I have been at each one and I really love doing this event and meeting the Veterans who represent the different generations that have defended our country in the last several wars.


It’s always a delightful, insightful and funfilled afternoon talking and visiting with them and hearing their stories when they are willing to share them with you.   John Castaneda was one that I spoke to and is a Viet Nam Veteran and he was a tail gunner in a Helicopter unit.   Unfortunately, I misplaced my notes where I wrote down a web page address regarding his unit.   Otherwise I would post it here, but I will be talking with him John Castaneda

again regarding his sister and I’ll get that information, then.

When I have it, I will publish here.  And he’s also written a manuscript about his experiences in “Nam” and would like some advice about how he can have it published or released in some fashion to the public.   Anyone out there interested in helping?   Let me know! 


Another gentleman that I met was Jesse who is 93 years old and a Veteran of WWII.   I’m not certain, but I believe that he was with his granddaughter and he really loved the fact that I asked to take his picture.   What an amazing guy.   I sure wish that I had more information on him to share in this blog.Jesse


But that’s all that I have.   I feel that these guys are walking history and it’s really important that we talk with them and hear there stories while they are still with us. 


I am involved with many community events as a Reverse loan consultant and I have noted recently, that more people are open to the possibility of using a Reverse loan.   It seems that some of the fear and ignorance regarding it, are slowly disappearing….but very slowly.


Instead of the public avoiding eye contact with me and generally staying FAR AWAY from my disply table, they are actually approaching me with an open mind and many questions.   Such as John.   He’s quite concerned about his sister’s situation, since she does not have enough income each month to make her mortgage payment and the rest of her bills and he’s worried that she will lose her home in a foreclosure.


I gave him some figures showing how much she could receive if she used a Reverse loan, but he said she’s very stubborn and afraid and it will be difficult for him to talk to her about it.   Hopefully that won’t happen and maybe I can meet with both of them in the future and personally give her the information.  He’s stressed about it and wishes she would be more open before it’s too late to do anything.


In closing, here’s a photo of me and George J. Compton, Col. USA (Ret.).   George is the County Veteran Services Officer and he’s very passionate about his “Vets”.   He’s a decorated Viet Nam Veteran; the Purple Heart AND he was in charge of the invasion of Panama a number of years ago, booting out Noriega!


He is the “go-to” guy for any Veteran or a family member that needs to know more about their benefits, as there are many.   And he also writes a column in The Ventura County Star.   Anyone in Ventura can reach him at: 805-385-6366Lorraine & George

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    Great event-no doubt about it. John, Jesus, and the rest of the Pedro Nava camp are to be commended for putting this on every year. Shawn McCarthy Executive Director BNI

    • Jeffrey A. Jackson
    • June 11, 2009

    It’s nice to hear you attending these community events where seniors can get the right information about reverse mortgage first hand. I hope it went well with John’s sister too.

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