Caregiver Burnout

As mentioned in my previous post, I would continue to share an excellent article regarding how to survive caring for your Senior parents and how to watch for the indications that you are on the brink of burning out from the unrelenting responsibility.

This article was provided by Viki Kind, MA a clinical bioethicist, medical educator and hospice volunteer.

Part II
Are You in Caregiver Burnout?

Here are just some of the signs of caregiver stress and burnout: feeling physically exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless, angry, depressed, isolated, mentally drained, lonely and frustrated. You may be too tired to make the effort to do the things you used to do for yourself or your loved one.

You might be getting ill yourself. You may feel as though nobody is listening to your concerns. You may want to lash out at your co-workers or your friends and family.

Why Do Caregivers Burn Out?

•Caregivers may not be able to sleep because their loved ones are up all night.
•Caregivers may not have the necessary training to offer the care that is needed.
•Caregivers may be physically doing more than they can.
•Caregivers may have to quit their jobs to stay home with their loved ones.
•Caregivers may go bankrupt because of increasing expenses.
•Caregivers may feel guilty if they take time out for themselves.
•Caregivers may feel that they should be strong and not need any help.
•And caregivers usually don’t ask for help.

Unfortunately, by the time you need extra help, you may be too tired, emotionally fatigued or depressed to ask for it. You have to get a support team in place when you begin caregiving so that you don’t get to your breaking point. Start planning ahead of time, before you need the help.

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