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I am sharing a brief summary of an article that was recently published by CNN about why more financial advisors are reconsidering the FHA loan as an option to extend retirement funds.

Overall, the article is good but it does make a mistake in regards to Closing Costs that I discussed in a previous post.

The Origination fee CAN be  as much as $6,000 but depending upon which loan program is used and the interest rate associated with it, the fee drops and in some cases the borrower can receive a credit towards the fee.  Reducing the Closing Costs overall.

CNN Money: Reverse Mortgages Poised to Be Mainstream Strategy

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“Reverse mortgages, what were once considered options of last resort, are now poised to become a mainstream financial strategy for older adults looking to shore up their retirements, reports CNN Money in a recent article [1].

Now that reverse mortgages have undergone a variety of program changes, financial services companies are aiming to make these loans more appealing to consumers, with some advisors even touting them as standby credit.


‘“Home equity is key to Americans’ retirement security, so it’s crucial to responsibly offer reverse mortgages,” said Christopher Mayer, a Columbia Business School professor and CEO of Longbridge Financial, in the article.

The article also encourages readers to weigh the costs of reverse mortgages, among other considerations, to determine if these loans are a good fit for one’s own financial situation. ”



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