HuffPost and Affluent Reverse Mortgage Homeowners

As I mentioned in the previous post, financial advisors are suggesting to their wealthier clients to consider using funds from a Reverse mortgage in lieu of drawing down on their investments.  The number one concern of just about everyone, is running out of money and one way to slow that possibility down, is to use a Stand By Reverse loan.

Here is the remainder of the article:

HuffPost:  Why Reverse Mortgages Make Sense for Affluent Boomers

Posted by Emily Study On July 8, 2015

“This is not just for the destitute, which is what the perception was for quite a long time,” Fiore told The HuffPost. “That’s when you will start to see the volume increase because people will look at it as a legitimate tool for retirement.”

A shift in reputation has also led to reverse mortgages becoming a bigger part of the financial planning conversation, with advisors embracing the product as a way to hedge against future costs and plan ahead.

“The financial planning community has really adopted the product in a positive way,” Fiore said.

In closing I would like to mention a study from last year called “The 6% Rule VS the 4% Rule in that various scenarios were created, showing how using a Reverse loan could extend the longevity of  retirement funds by many years.

The study was written by Gerald Wagner, Ph.D and in the study he found that ” the 4% rule works well with portfolios that are at least 50% invested in equities and then shows how the use of a reverse mortgage can be used to ‘easily create new rules, such as the 6% rule for a 30 year horizon'”.

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