Memory Care for Seniors

I’m a member of a group called, “MAPS” an acronym for Marketing & Admissions Professionals for Seniors.  We had a breakfast meeting yesterday at a residential care facility called Seasons at Northridge.


They offer assisted living and memory care services in beautiful surroundings and have many services to offer the senior resident and their families.   Assuring them that their parent is being well cared for by a highly trained and professional staff.


If you would like more information, contact Regina Wyman at 818-886-5181.   Their senior residentail facility is in the Los Angeles area and they do have a website.


The speaker at our meeting was a volunteer from AARP.   He explained to us how AARP was originally started by a retired school principal here in California fifty years ago.   Without going into the details, I was really surprised by this as I didn’t know that!


Herb discussed the development of AARP over the last fifty years and all of the programs that are now offered to their members.   I’m sure that some people are aware of them and there are too many of them for me to list, but the selection is huge.   I would suggest going to their website for information.


In my previous post regarding the Veterans HealthFair, I mentioned John who was a ‘Nam Vet and in a helicopter unit.   I just now found my notes that I wrote down about him, along with the website that talks about his unit.   He was a door gunner in the 116th., Aviation Co. (As Hel).


Gosh, I hope that I have the right.   Here’s the info:

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