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Reverse Loans Are Better than Ever

The public and estate planning professionals, along with CPA’s and other who specialize in retirement planning are coming to a very common agreement about how beneficial Reverse loans can be when planning for retirement.

Or they can be used to extend existing retirement plans longer than they would otherwise last.   The number one concern for those who are older, is not their health but running out of money and funds from a Reverse mortgage can potentially eliminate this concern

Here is a copy of a recent article that declares that Reverse mortgages are an option that should always be considered as another avenue to financial stability.

The article does discuss the typical misunderstandings of the loan that has created confusion, as to whether or not they are a good option to consider when managing money and aging in place.

These negative articles are frequently incorrect or partially correct and  continue to perpetuate the myth that the loan is too expensive and the property goes to the bank at the end of it.

Both of course, are untrue.

Here is the first part of the article with the rest to follow in an additional post.

Column: Reverse Mortgage a Good Option if Borrower Isn’t ‘Dead Broke’

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“For healthy and financially stable adults, reverse mortgages can be an effective retirement planning tool, writes [1] syndicated columnist Scott Burns.

Reverse mortgages have undergone a variety of program changes, reducing costs and limiting the amount of the loan a borrower could take out in the first year. Because of some of these changes, financial services companies are seeing the value [2] in using reverse mortgages as a financial planning tool. “

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